Easy acccess to all student records.

About our solution


Parents engagement has very good impact on child´s learning. So when it comes to education – parents matter and we are helping schools to better engage parents with their children  with our communication tools and management system.

Real time data everywhere

With our new mobile app you can access manage all your parent interactions via one system. Apps are in preparation and will be ready in Q1 2020.


Why use our system?

Good family-school communication is essential to student success and for a healthy parent-school relationship. The Parent Portal provides parents with a realtime link to view key parts of their child’s school record, from assessment reports to attendance, forthcoming events and account charges.

Parent Communication

Emails and text messages are great, but two-way app messaging is even better.You can send out messages to parent groups for free and parents will receive these messages in the app.


School payments

Parents have secure access to their school account, for easy tracking and payment of fee bills, meals, activity costs and other charges, considerably reducing the school’s administration burden.


Parent Engagement

Along with tools such as the Engage Apps, Parent Evening, and Pupil Dashboard, Engage helps schools deliver transparent and easy communication across the school community.

Wish to Take a Trial?

Our stuff can answer any of yours questions and walk you through our system and its capabilities.